Summer Blue
sur la terre qui est un astre

Bookpresentation -  friday July 5, 19:30-22:00
Gallery opening in presence of the artist - saturday and sunday, 14:00-18:00

Summer Blue - sur la terre qui est un astre, An electric blue instant-cult-book published by Hopper and Fuchs Publishing. 

In Gris Gallery, Peter Waterschoot presents this electric blue book to his Ghent home front for the first time.

Summer Blue is a field-exploration. The setting is summer, the feeling is blue. The photographer works his way around a romantic scenery using l'heure bleue and blue neon, turning the real into the unreal. More and more exotics pop up, the aesthetic turns into uncanny, the garden becomes unkempt, until it finally blurs into impenetrable wilderness. The quiet photographical garden-voyage reminds us of a theatre backdrop, a midsummer night's dream, Alice, or even Where the Wild Things Are, but at its core, a personal story lies hidden.  The book contains 96 images with field notes by the photographer and an essay by prof. J├╝rgen Pieters (Ghent University) .  


With the Summer of 2024 approaching, there is no better time for a launch of the photo book Summer Blue, which feels like the song Mamy Blue, but stilled on paper.

The electric blue book will be shown together with the new edition of Suronde wines, each of which carries a photographic work from Waterschoot's showcase on its label.

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