Gris Gallery
Victor Braeckmanlaan 94

Friday: 14h - 18h
Saturday: 14h - 18h

or by appointment

Gris Gallery presents contemporary visual art starting from photography.

The gallery focuses on creating carefully curated exhibitions where the work of the artists is further explored and deepened, and where the space is used to enter into dialogue with the visitors. The gallery is committed to sustainable collaborations with artists, other art venues, collectors and art lovers.

Gris resides in the upcoming and vibrant Dampoort neighbourhood, in a fine building that is also home to therapy practice Glas. We believe in the spontaneous confluence of both gallery and therapy practice activities by creating an 'in-between place'; the public living room. This is where cross-pollination is possible and where connected artists, gallery visitors, casual passers-by, neighbours and people connected to Glas can find a quiet environment to land, discover art publications or have a drink.

Tomas Uyttendaele


Holds a Master's degree in fine arts (photography) and has been professionally active for 20 years as an independent photographer for galleries and art spaces and as a lecturer at KASK and Kisp. He closely monitors changes in the photography landscape. He is a great art lover and with Gris he aims to provide emerging artists with support and a platform, focusing on experimentation, personal development and a powerful end result.

0032 485 14 70 88

Yanne Devos

Has been professionally active as a Graphic Designer since 2007, focussing on art books, catalogues and museum concepts in collaboration with national and international publishers, for renowned institutions. Currently Yanne is teaching at Kunsthumaniora Sint-Lucas, Ghent.

0032 477 21 63 21